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Aitareya Upanishad : 1.1

ambho marichirmapo.ado.ambhah parena diva.n dyauh pratishtha. 
antariksham marichayah .. 
prithivi maro ya adhastatta apah .. 

He created these worlds: Ambhah, the world of water-bearing clouds, Marichi, the world of the solar rays, Mara, the world of mortals and Ap, the world of waters. Yon is Ambhah, above heaven; heaven is its support. The Marichis are the interspace. Mara is the earth. What is underneath is Ap.

Paramatma with maya shakti by mere visualization created the 14 worlds.
Effortless, like how we create a dream world, with mere visualizations, with the vasanas projecting

Upanishad presents the cosmos in 4 groups

First group - 5 upper lokas (suvar,mahar,janah, tapah,satya) classified into one - Ambhah
Next group - immediate upper loka - bhuvar loka - here classified as Marichi
3rd group is Earth or prthvi - Bhu loka - here given a special name - Marah.
4th group is all 7 lower lokas put together - here called Aapah

In the 1st gtoup Suvar loka is the base and the other 4 other lokas are supported on the suvar loka and this together is the Ambhah
Literal meaning of ambhah is waters.
Rainy waters come from above and hence upanisad uses the term Ambhah

Intermediary world of bhuvar loka is intermediary as it is because between Bhu and Suvar loka.
Here termed marichayah or marichi

Prthvi marah. Why marah? Marah because compared to higher lokas the longevity of life is shorter. Our one year is one day for the devas and their lifespan is a hundred years of such days.
Like worms the jivas on bhu luka appear and disappear quickly in comparison.
Punah punah maranam prapnuvanti iti marah

All lower groups are Apah. There is predominance of water principle. Sankara says another derivation is it is more pervading hence apah.


sa ikshateme nu loka lokapalannu srija iti .. 
so.adbhya eva purusha.n samuddhrityamurchayat.h .. 3..
tamabhyatapattasyabhitaptasya mukha.n nirabhidyata yatha.andam mukhadvagvacho.agnirnasike nirabhidyeta.n nasikabhyam pranah .. 
pranadvayurakshini nirabhidyetamakshibhya.n chakshushchakshusha 
adityah karnau nirabhidyeta.n karnabhya.n shrotra.n 
shrotraddishastva~nnirabhidyata tvacho lomani lomabhya oshadhivanaspatayo 
hridaya.n nirabhidyata hridayanmano manasashchandrama nabhirnirabhidyata 
nabhya apano.apananmrityuh shishna.n nirabhidyata shishnadreto retasa apah .. 4..

He brooded over Him. From Him, so brooded over, the mouth was separated out, as with an egg; form the mouth, the organ of speech; from speech, fire, the controlling deity of the organ. Then the nostrils were separated out; from the nostrils, the organ of breath; from breath, air, the controlling deity of the organ. Then the eyes were separated out; from the eyes, the organ of sight; from sight, the sun, the controlling deity of the organ. Then the ears were separated out; from the ears, the organ of hearing; from hearing, the quarters of space, the controlling deity of the organ. Then the skin was separated out; from the skin, hairs, the organ of touch; from the hairs, plants and trees, air the controlling deity of the organs. Then the heart was separated out; from the heart, the organ of the mind; from the mind, the moon, the controlling deity of the organ. Then the navel was separated out; from the navel, the organ of the apana; from the apana, Death, Varuna, the controlling deity of the organ. Then the virile member was separated out; from the virile member, semen, the organ of generation; from the semen, the waters, the controlling deity of the organ.

We need one set of organs for receiving and one set for responding - jnanendruyas and karmendriyas. We need mind as a coordinating instrument so the appropriate organs will receive and respond in harmony. Hence we need a antahkaranam which should have thinking feature, memory, discriminating feature - mano buddhi
All these are required for interacting with the world - adhyatmikam
Correspondingly we require the world also - which is dividied into 5 segments - shabda sparsha rupa rasa gandha - adhibhautikam.
Adyatkiam is useless without adhibhautikam and vice versa

Each has to be blessed by the corresponding samashti - lokapala - the presiding deity or devata

Then we need vishayaprapancha - annam - food for all of these to be noursihed - material that satisfies these sense organs

All of these are evolved out of Maya presided by atma tattvam
Problems of samsara in the form of hunger and thirst belong to indriya and devata.

Hunger and thirst are to be taken not only in a literal sense but also in a extended sense
Mind is hungry for love, thirsty for attention.
Intellect has hunger to know more and thirst for knowledge.

All these are expressions of apurnatvam

sa iskhata
He visualized - means next stage of creation happened according to the law of karma.Maya with the help of Atma visualized

imenu loka
I have created the 14 lokas.

lokapalanu srja iti
These devatas let me create; let the maya evolve into the devatas as per law of karma

saha He abhyah from the waters purusham Virat shareeram samudrdya takes out amurchyat made into a form/gave shape.

Indriya srshti and deva srshti is expanded - this is unique to Aitareya - this idea alone is borrowed later by Puranas etc Purusha suktam also has the same idea.

Bhagwan created a cosmic person called VIrat shareeram - BHagwans visualiztion called tapas - he meditated upon Virat - out of this Virat like the hatching of an egg the following items came. First came vak indiriyam and vak devata. From nostrils smell organ and Vayu devata. And so on all indriyams and respective devatas are created.

Then samsara. Each organ now wants something and this leads to desire and so on. This will be taken up in Ch 1 Section 2

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