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Aitareya Upanishad : 1.1

om atma va idameka evagra asinnanyatki.nchana mishat.h . sa ikshata lokannu srija iti .. 

1.. In the beginning all this verily was Atman (Absolute Self) only, one and without a second. There was nothing else that winked. He (Atman) willed Himself: "Let Me now create the worlds". 

The first stage of teaching is Brahma satyam Jagan mithya
Second stage of teaching is Jivo Brahmaiva naparaha

First stage uses karya karana prakriya or method of teaching. How effect has originated from cause. This is also named as srshti prakriya/ adhyaropa prakriya

There is one cause and out of that one cause manifold effects evolve.

Cause is Eka One Sara Substantial Nitya Eternal Satyam Real /having independent reality ESNS

Effect is Anekam Many Asaaram nonsubtantial Anityam Fleeting Asatyam unreal. dependent existence or Mithya AAAA

Impermanence is important to remember - do not rely upon/ hold onto anything fleeting emotionally.
Entire world is nama rupa nonsubstantial. Dont emotionally lean

Use world incl family for serving, growing internally, and then grow out emotionally.

Karyam is named as Brahman
In Aitareya it is caled Atma or Self.

Atma is karyam and prapancha is mithya. This is the 1st prakriya

Second stage i.e. Jivobrahmaiva naparah is conveyed by another method - anupravesha prakriya - anupravesha means entry.
After creating the world - inert in nature, Brahman entered into the world, in the body/mind - the all pervading Brahman became enclosed in every body/mind. The enclosed paramatma is renamed as jivatma. As many enclosures so many jivatmas are there. That jivatma who is none other than the Creator paramatma experiences the world through the body/mind/sense complex srshti karta paramatma eva idaneem bhogta jivatma. Does any transformation take place when the creator paramatma enters the enclosure and plays the role of jivatma? The Upanisad says absolutely not, no change. Paramatma is nirvikara.

This is explained with example of space - total space and enclosed pot space. When all pervading space becomes enclosed space no transformation takes place in space.

Anupravesha is an indirect mahavakyam revealing the creator experiencer identity.
Another example for anupravesha, in addition to space example, is dream example. The waker is the creator of the dream world, but also, for dream transaction he enters the dream world.

Despite this fact no one claims he is the Creator but only a helpless creature.

We may forget many things but our Real Nature is something we cannot afford to forget becasue forgetting we are not jivatma but Paramatma Life becomes a huge burden. Life is really a great opportunity to claim my glory.

Thus first ch concludes with the statement a few rare jivas alone will strive to claim that aikyam.
2nd ch will talk about the consequences of not gaining this knowledge.

Here we are dealing with Srshti prakriya where Paramatma jagat karanam is introduced

Atma - eka saara nitya satya karanam -
eva idam eka - One
eva agre aseet - before the origin of this universe
na anya kincana  - there was nothing else incl space and time

na mishat - nothing blinking by implication means living being, chetana tattvam (and includes achetana vastu as well)

This Paramatma has a shakti to create (Maya) and Upanisad says Atma created the world
Atma and mayashakti are not 2 separate things but only 1.

Mayasahita Paramatma is popularly termed Ishwara or Bhagwaan.
He created the world after thorough deliberation, not randomly.

Saha ikshate - mentally visualized. Bhagwaan's mind is maya shakti.

Let me create lokas - 14 of them - lokannu srijate
On what basis does He create different lokas and puts jivas in different places  - it is based on law of karma - and is based on each jivas previous karma from beginingless time.

Before lokas there are intermediary steps  -not specified here - 1st is sukshma pancha bhutani then with panchikaranam we arrive at sthula pancha bhutani and from the Gross elements the 14 lokas are created.

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