Monday, September 9, 2013

The Unseen Seer in the Seen

The unseen seer in the seen, and the unknown knower in the known is what is consciousness.

When you say "I know" particularly the "I know that changes" (with the state of wake/sleep/etc) that I is really referring to the Knower - which is Witnessing consciousness And the Medium of Knower-ship - the Mind. Every particularized experience, every objective knowledge is rendered possible only when this medium, the Mind, borrowing as it were, consciousness from the Sakshi, envelopes that which is to be known, and renders it available and accessible as an intimate experience. And in this way the Mind becomes the Knower, and Experiencer.

So when "I" "see" a "flower", it is the mind that travels through the sense organ the eye envelopes the flower and peels off the particularized ignorance that hitherto enveloped it and now an awareness of the flower is registered as a flower awareness in the verisame Mind. The Seer/Knower however, is, really speaking, not the Mind, but the Witnessing Consciousness, which alone renders sentiency and substratum, to this knower knowing known triad, and lends it a reality, which is purely transactional, and hence alone, transformational.

That Knower thus is Eternal, and Unchanging, Unaffected by the three states of wake dream and sleep, unaffected by the three periods of time, unattached. That Knower alone is verily "Consciousness". That Consciousness I am - such is the recognition that of advaitic realization. 

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