Monday, September 2, 2013

The Truth of Poetry is the Truth of Being

To arrange words
In some order
Is not the same thing
As the inner poise
That's poetry.

The truth of poetry
Is the truth
Of being.
It's an experience
Of truth.

No ornaments
A crucible.
Fire reveals
Only molten Gold.

Says Tuka
We are here
To reveal.
We do not waste

Words are the only Jewels 
I possess
Words are the only Clothes 
I wear
Words are the only food 
That sustains my life
Words are the only wealth 
I distribute 
Says Tuka 
Witness the Word 
He is God
I worship Him 
With my words

When thus I lose myself 
In Thee, My God,
Then do I see, 
and know,
That all Thy Universe 
Reveals Thy beauty,
All living beings, 
And all lifeless things,
Exist through Thee.

This whole Cosmos 
Is but the form
In which Thous 
Showest us Thyself
Is but the voice
In which Thyself 
Thou speakest unto us.
What need of words?
Come, O Master, come,
And fill me Wholly 
With Thyself

Sant Tukaram

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