Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Upanishadic Song : Echoes from the Chandogya

Chandas - is another name for the VedAs. And Chandas is the name of a Vedic meter as well.
Chandagaha - means that Vedic mantras Wuxi are sung and not chanted - and this is the Sama VedA. So by virtue of being the Upanishad that belongs to, is found in, the Sama Veda this Upanishad is so called Chandogaya Upanishad -- its importance is clear from just one fact - both Bhagwan Vyasa and Bhagwan Shankara quote from, and reference this one Upanishad far more than any other.

The first 5 chapters of this voluminous work deal mainly with Upasanas.

Dhyana mantra

Om Aapyayantu Mamaangaani
Vaak Praanas Chakshuh Shrotram
Atho Balam Indriyaani Cha Sarvaani
Sarvam BrahmAupanishadam
Maaham Brahma Niraakuryaam
Maa Maa Brahma Niraakarod
Aniraakaranam Astu
Aniraakaranam Me Astu
Tadaatmani Nirate
Ya Upanishatsu Dharmaah
Te Mayi Santu, Te Mayi Santu
Om Shantih, Shantih, Shantih

Any Upanisadic study is commenced with a prayer to the Supreme to invoke His Grace. This particular shanti mantra one invokes karma-karana sanghata yogyatvam, sashays chatushtaya sampatti as well as shraddha.

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