Monday, October 19, 2009

No matter how hard science tries it can never reach an "ultimate"
truth. A hundred years ago we were at the level of the atom
today it is quarks tomorrow glutons and some other "-tons" and so on
and on. Quarks are said to be so unstable that they decay as soon as they are formed.. what do they decay into? some sub-quark particle and so on.. Incidentally the sixth quark or "truth" quark was itself "believed" by most physicists to exist until very recently - so scientists itelf work on faith and beliefs until they are able to prove or disprove somethings..similarly mathematicians can make use of the square root of -1 and so on.

That time space are interdependent is something that only the genius
of an Einstein mathematically was able to express in this century but
our scriptures have been saying that for eons.

The answer to what is smaller than the smallest is the same vastu
that is larger than the universe itself.

Because our intellects and hence our science are in the matrix of the
same time and space it is never possible for science to objectify
a vastu that itself as it were created both time and space.

We can create giant Hubbles that can look 20, nay, 100 billion light
years away - again is that time or distance?? - and there will still
be a yonder!

Even the Nobel laureate Schroedinger turned to Vedanta when he had
reached the limits of his intellectual pursuits and he has written
about the Upanishads and his admiration for them in many of his books.

We are thus caught at the crossroads as it were of infinity - we loook
"within" and there is infinity, we look "out" and there is infinity.
We hence need something other than a purely objective scientific approach.

The study of vedanta is not a scientific expedition to know the
unknown. It is a spiritual quest by a seeker who questions his
existence, his purpose, his mortality, his problems and hence tries to
arrive at a solution for himself.

For this he needs a proper guru and he needs a certain attitude that
is predominantly characterized by two qualities - sharanaagati and
shraddha - surrender and faith are loose translations

We have to surrender our ego and we have to have faith in the scriptures.
Suggesting that the scriptures shruti or the parampara are dated or reduntant or unnecessary is inappropriate and such an intellectual pursuit will never work.

This does not mean you leave logic outside the altar. In fact logic as a subject was compulsory for students of vedanta as was advanced grammar.

It simply means I try to use my intellect and logic to understand for
myself what the shruti is telling me. If something does not quite add
up I do not lose faith in the shruti but analyze why I am not "getting
it" when so many other have. The Yogas Vashista itself declares that
even the word of Lord Brahmaji should not be taken at face value if it
is not in keeping with what is logical. Thus this pursuit needs a
razor sharp intellect and logic no dount but those are only assets -
by themselves they cannot and will not deliver the goods.

Let me give you a couple of examples

If I am looking through bifocals with a lot of dust in them and I
cannot see and ask a Guru to rectify my sight he can tell me clean
them and you will see..if i want proof that i will see when my
bifocals are clean what proof can be offered? the proof lies in me
being able to see once the lens is clean.

Imagine you are in a dream and struggling with self-identity. A guru
comes to you and says "hey listen, you your dream and everything that
you see around you is all you - you fashioned this dream out of
yourself - your problems, your poverty, your illness, your sorrow -
they are all you...wake up and see for yourself that this all a
mirage." now while remaining in the dream if you try to analyze your
way out of it- you can waste away a million dream years in that dream
and still be in the dream. You have to wake up.

This is a spiritual quest not a scientific one.
In a spiritual quest a spiritual attitude of reverence, and bhakti are
absolute basic prerequisities besides other qualities like shama dama etc

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