Sunday, March 16, 2008

Abhangs of Sant Tukaram

Existence is lifeless without realization of the Lord,

Even as a corpse, though adorned with jewels.
Futile are words that speak not of the Lord,
Even as the jokes of a frivolous clown.
Practice bereft of the Lord is nothing but deception,
Like the beguiling softness of a serpent's skin.
What more need I say? O Tuka,
Truly luckless is one devoid of devotion.

Thou art more kind than mother dear,
More soothing than the rays of moon
Thy love an ever flowing tide,
Sinks deeper than a common stream
I know of none that equals Thee -
Thou best of all immortal Gods
I wave my name above Thy head,
And part it at thy holy feet.
Ah! Sweeter than sweetest things,
And mightier than all the elements,
Those rulest O'er the Universe,
And seest that it goes all right,
In silence do I lay my head
upon thy feet , and pray "Forgive"
Tuka is less in size than an atom, yet is as large as
I have swallowed and passed the body
That has the form of this illusory worldly existence.
I have swallowed and passed the Group of Three*
And the light shines in my body.
Says Tuka, "Now nothing remains of me,
Except sufficient for benevolent deeds."

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Anonymous said...

Is there a translation of the Abhangs? I found one by Delip but its almost non existant.