Thursday, February 28, 2008

Intellect : both the problem AND the solution

Is the intellect the cause of samsara or it the solution to get out of samsara?
Let us understand this with an example/

Suppose I wake up one day and find that I am seeing everything in double(duality) ...and ask someone with clear vision, hey - are there two things here or one? and he tells me "Undoubtedly there is only one thing. That you are seeing two indicates a defect in your vision."

Now what can you do to correct your vision. If your ears hear a hundred times about there being no duality will you stop seeing it? If you meditate on there being no duality a hundred times, will you stop seeing it? Of course not. Enquire into what is wrong with it by going to a specialist, and get the cataract removed. And then alone can you see doubtlessly there indeed was never any duality.

Now in the above illustration, the culprit causing the delusion of duality was the eyes, and what was important in getting your vision restored was also the verysame eyes, only now there is nothing to obscure their vision .

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