Wednesday, March 7, 2007

free will

Everything in srshti is Ishwara's order. Time, the laws of nature,
the forces of gravity, the properties of atoms, the physiological
functions of the body, the laws of action and result, Death, etc etc
are all wonderfully perfect only because they are all in accordance
with the Supreme order.
In fact Ishwara's order is non-separate from Ishwara - the order
verily is Ishwara.
When I feel a pulse on my wrist more than a pulse i am feeling the
order that is Ishwara Himself. Similairly when you perceive a rising
Sun, that verily is Ishwara

Now part of this Divine order is icchashakti and kriyashakti - the
former being peculiar to humans.

As a result of this alone humans are endowed with free will, whether
we like it or not [- it is a negative because it can lead us into
adharma -(Duryodhan's famous assertion - "i know what is dharma and
i know what is adharma but there is something that impels me as it
were to adharma") and it is a positive because it alone leads us to
dharma and ultimately to moksha.]

Now this free will being a Divine expression is ever a Divine free
will - it is ever a impersonal tool of Ishwara as you rightly point

However when tainted as it were with man's raga-dveshas, arising out
of beginingless avidya, it is then that it can be said to be a man's
free will as we understand it.

Free will + raga dvesha = "man's will"
Free will - raga dvesha = "divine will"

So when we do anything we are doing it impelled by our vasanas, and
our ragadveshas. We have many occasional where we failt o understand
what is "the right thing to do" - we can only surrender at those
times to Ishwara and pray that whatever steps we are thinking of
undertaking are in keeping with dharma, in keeping with His order
and for this we need him to bless us with sat-buddhi.

Now let us apply this to a jnani. Since to a Mahatma like Bhagwaan
Ramana Maharshi His ego-identification has ended as it were, He no
longer has any raga-dvesha - binding likes or dislikes. It is
the "binding" likes and "binding" dislikes that produce karma and
consequently karmaphala. The earth is not doing any karma by
revolving around the sun, even though moving - as such its movement
is in perfect accordance with Ishwara's order.

Simialirly whatever karmas a jnani performs, whatever free will He
exercises, whatever words He speaks, and whatever thoughts He thinks
are, by their very nature, with no effort whatsoever on His part,
dharma - they are not in violation of the order that is Ishwara - in
fact they are the shining jewels of Ishwara's order representing the
very best and the most beautiful and the most exalted of everything
in Ishwara's srshti.

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