Saturday, February 24, 2007

The mirage of mortality

Mortality is our lot - repeated births and repeated
deaths-as long as we are in samsara. We do not seek it but that is
our lot.

We are all terminal cases and death is just around the corner.
And we are not even in line - it is like a token system and any
moment our number will be called and that is it.
Your ego-sense will survive to see another life-form which you
consider to be a good thing because at least "it" will remain alive.

However what is in its lot is more suffering.

Now lets examine the ego-sense. All it is is a sense of limitation,
and that too a false one.

The problem for the ego is of wanting to escape death.
The problem for the ego is of dealing with a perpetual sense of small-

This Universe is immense and I am so small.
No matter how much I acquire I am still small.
No matter how healthy I am today I am going to die tomorrow.
No longer how long I live I feel I have barely lived.

Why does this bother me? Because my true nature is both complete and

Until that sense of false limitation that the ego-sense feels is
resolved, your life can never be fulfilling.

You may acquire health, wealth and progeny - but you are still a
limited individual. The reason you seek anything is not for its sake
but because of this peculiar habit of your mind to attach itself to
something or some object,gaining which you feel momentarily happy.
The happiness you experience however is from you alone and
unfortunately as even the happiness you temporarily experience is
settling in it is immediately gone. That instant of acquisition you
were happy not because of any property of that object but because
your false sense of selflimitation was temporarily - very
temporarily - resolved.

So you go on chasing things and what you are chasing is a mirage.
What you acquire does not deliver the goods. You are perennially
dissatisfied because no matter how hard you chase, happiness seems to
run farther and farther away. This is "life".

When Vedanta talks about dropping the ego - at the same very same
instant it talks about gaining what is the one thing that you
desperately seek- a sense of fullness, of being complete, of not

The loss is of an illusory source of limitation
The gain is realizing truth and your real nature - the Absolute.

Sounds too good to be true?? It is the only thing that really IS too
good to be true - because it alone is true!

And this is possible only in this rarest of rare births - the human
Not even the gods have this privilege our scriptures tell us.

Once this wanting me is resolved then nothing else matters. I am
still me. But this false ego-sense that was "wanting" is dead.
Now there is no "me" that wants anything that fears anything not even

Death then no longer is relevant. Once I know who I really am then I
realize I am complete. Nothing can ever take away from my sense of
completeness. I can be with or without money, with or without
relations, this body can go through sickness or suffering, EVEN
DEATH, but that does not affect ME, because I am complete. I am
nonseparate from HIM. Then even if there were a hundred more janmas
to take(there wont be but supposing) it does not bother me - why -
because i KNOW for a fact that I, the WHOLE, will remain WHOLE.

This is moksha. Your sense of limitation dies. Let it
die - it was never worth keeping alive to begin with! Then, as the
commercial says "You are now free to move about the country!"

Na Karmana Na Prajaya Dhanena Tyage Naike Amrutatva Manasuhu!!

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